Role of The ROE

Role of the ROE

The North Cook Intermediate Service Center (NCISC) serves as the Regional Office of Education (ROE) for the school districts and special education cooperatives of Northern Cook County. As such, NCISC serves as an intermediate agency between the Illinois State Board of Education and the local school district. The Center performs regulatory functions as directed by statute and the Illinois School Code. The specific duties can be summarized in two major areas, service and assurance to the public.

Service components include items such as educator licensure, professional development, truancy support, bus driver training, alternative educations programs and many more services provided directly to the school districts of the region. The center also provides information about these services to the general public.

Assurance to the public covers the regulatory areas such as fiscal responsibilities, local school performance, life safety, permit issuance, and others as assigned. In these areas, legislation places enforcement responsibilities on the ISC/ROE to guarantee that certain minimums are met and legal parameters followed.

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