Our Team

Dr. Diane Betts

Assistant Director dbetts@ncisc.org

Shirley Bloom

Certification sbloom@ncisc.org

Tom Bookler

Homeless Liaison tbookler@ncisc.org

Dr. Bruce Brown

Executive Director bbrown@ncisc.org

Lydia Cruz

Bus Driver Training Coordinator lcruz@ncisc.org

Cheryll DeYoung

Administrative Assistant cdeyoung@ncisc.org

Margot Fennelly

Health/Life Safety mfennelly@ncisc.org

Lisa Fornwald

Site Director lfornwald@ncisc.org

Paula Miller

Truancy Officer pmiller@ncisc.org

Krysta Mulholland

Certification kmulholland@ncisc.org

Gina Shalzi

Chief of Staff gshalzi@ncisc.org

Terrie Simmons

Business Manager tsimmons@ncisc.org

Donna Tortoriello

Administrative Assistant dtortoriello@ncisc.org

Melina Wright

Director of Implementation and Advocacy mwright@ncisc.org

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